Whitegate Development area, extending from Newton Ground to Belle Vue is indentified as a centre with fine cultural and historical traditions. Its town and villages have a rich mix of heritage and majestic landscapes.

Detailed Description of Project

The 6,374.34 acre tract of development space known as Whitegate extends from Newton Ground to Belle Vue along the Northwestern section of St. Kitts.

Whitegate includes the communities of Newton Ground, St. Pauls, Dieppe Bay, Parsons, Pogson, Lynches, Saddlers, Harris and Belle Vue. For more than 300 years, the Whitegate lands have been dominated by the Sugar Plantation Economy with rolling gentle slopes of green stretching from the forest’s edge to the coast.

The project is done in phases. Phase 1 identifies the areas that have been allocated to Beaumont Park Horse Race and Grey Hound Track, Beaumont Estate Villa Subdivision, and Kittitian Hill Golf Course and Resort Development. Phases 2 and 3 broadly identify areas for future resort development. Provision has been made for the establishment of a 1,000 acre agricultural preserve which would also function as a green belt and buffer between existing communities and development areas. The agricultural preserve is being developed in two stages.

White Gate Development Master Plan

  • Whitegate has some of the most tranquil and picturesque sceneries on the island.
  • Furthermore, it has a rich mix of cultural and historical heritage.


Full exemption from import duties on parts, raw materials and production machinery is given.


Individuals investing a minimum of US$400,000 in projects in the White Gate area can apply for citizenship.
Type of Investment Required/Desired Participation

The White Gate Development objectives are:

  • To attract new distinctive development that will take full advantage of the unique quality of the area, and provide the exceptional design statement that will subsequently bring other quality business development.
  • To attract sufficient new investment and development to provide a new economic base for the area, that will be free standing and not dependent on either Basseterre, or the South East Peninsula.
  • To ensure that the development will create locally a wealth of new job opportunities and new business activities that can generate social development, physical improvements and enhancements to the existing villages as the focal points for Whitegate.
  • To get development underway in a whole series of distinctive smaller projects that makes statement about the uniqueness of the Whitegate Plantations and opens the doors for ongoing and future development.

Coastal Developments:

The Whitegate area offers several spectacular coastal sites which provide an opportunity for the careful insertion of specific tourist, housing and business activities. Each of these candidate sites offers a historic base from which tourist related housing or shared accommodation projects can develop.

These developments should be structured to retain the existing ruins at the heart of each complex. Accommodation would defer in density and character from those that exist in the Frigate Bay and South East Peninsula areas.

Inland Developments:

This destination will provide, across a broad series of accommodation, diverse sports, dining and therapeutic activity.

Within the land running between approximately contour 150 and 450 lies a significant number of cane ruins. This cluster between Mt. Pleasant and Houstons Estates provide excellent development sites for small hamlets of high quality estates villas.

The framework plan also indicates more significant plantation style villas delivered through Master Planned Developments. These would be individually designed high quality modern residential resorts and villa subdivisions, each required to meet planning criteria.
The framework also provides the establishment of a museum and education centre in the refurbished and extended ruins of Belmont.