St. Kitts offers tremendous opportunities for investments under defined priority sectors. Our priority sectors include Tourism, Information Technology, Agriculture, Financial Services, Renewable Energy, International Education and Light Manufacturing. The Government has succeeded in creating an attractive investment climate through legislative reform, sound policies and careful planning. As a result, the country continues to experience strong annual growth in local and Foreign Direct Investments.

  • Stable political environment
  • One of the highest literacy rates in the region at 98%  (Easily trainable labour force)
  • Modern infrastructure: Roads, Air and Sea Ports, Water and Electricity
  • Advance Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • A stable currency fixed at 1 USD to 2.70 ECD
  • No personal income tax
  • Direct air access from key North American markets and the United Kingdom
  • The financial capital of the Eastern Caribbean – home to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange, The Eastern Caribbean Regulatory Commission
  • A well regulated financial services sector
  • Investor friendly government
  • English is the official language spoken by our citizens
  • St. Kitts is located within the same time zone as USA East Coast (daylight savings not observed)
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