According to the National Energy Policy, St. Kitts’ vision is to become the smallest green nation in the Western Hemisphere – with a sustainable energy sector, where reliable, renewable, clean and affordable energy services are provided to all its citizens.

St. Kitts requires a holistic approach to address challenges in the energy sector and to transition to a more sustainable energy sector. Such challenges include consumption patterns, types of fuel used, infrastructure and management and the types of energy carriers.

Detailed Description of Energy Sector

The transition to a more sustainable energy sector is currently driven by high electricity rates, high transportation fuel prices and global climate change awareness and concerns. The aforementioned factors impacts businesses and citizens alike and as such the need for energy efficiency and conservation along with increase investments in renewable energy technologies. The National Energy Policy has created the framework that allows St. Kitts to transition from a primarily fossil fuel source of energy to alternative renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and waste to energy (WTE).

Competitive Advantages

  • Renewable energy sources in the form of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal are deemed the most appropriate mid to long-term alternative sources to replace imported petroleum product for electricity generation.
  • Potential for electricity interconnection between St. Kitts and Nevis for geothermal
  • The National Energy Policy encourages public-private partnership in the development, financing and management of renewable energy projects.
  • Increasingly high cost for imported fuel for energy production.


  • Solar PV panels and ancillary equipment for generating electricity
  • Hydrogen fuel cells and ancillary equipment
  • Wind Turbines and ancillary equipment
  • Energy saving bulbs including LED Bulbs
  •  Solar water heaters and tanks
  • Solar AC units
  • And other approved related equipment
  • 2-5 MW Waste to Energy (WTE) Plant
  • 2-5 MW Solar Energy Project
  • 2-5 MW Wind Energy
  • 10 MW Geothermal Energy
  • LED and Solar Street Lights


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