Port Zante positively impacts on our Tourism sector and the Marina/Yachting sector. Port Zante is a new sparkling world-class port fronting the largest and most vibrant city on St. Kitts. Additionally, Port Zante Marina offers a variety of berthing options to suit yachts of different sizes. Port Zante is located in Basseterre, which is the capital of St. Kitts, and it is especially significant to our main industry which is Tourism.

Detailed Description of Project

Port  Zante  development  comprises  some  forty-two  individual  lots  which  are  defined  by  the  pre- determined  foot-prints  of  the  buildings  identified  in  preliminary  form  and  use  in  the  Master Plan.  Currently,  Port Zante  has  offices  for  retail  purposes  such as  restaurants and  clothing  stores. However, future plans call for the transition into the commercial sphere which includes hotels, real estates, new port to accommodate larger cruise ships and yachts, and offices for commercial use.

  • Port Zante offers beautiful promenades surrounded by elegant shops.
  • Port Zante is only a few steps away from a deep harbour designed to accommodate cruise ships, luxury yachts, and pleasure sailing vessels.
  •  The individual lots are laid within generous open spaces, and with easy access to parking areas.
  • Boaters have a number of options in obtaining provisions on shore. There are groceries within walking distance of the marina that offer a wide selection of food, drink and cleaning supplies. There are also private companies that provide concierge services including provisioning.



Individuals investing a minimum of US$400,000 in projects in Port Zante can apply for citizenship.

There are also the potential  for investors to benefit  from other incentives programs based on the type of investment.

  1. Port Zante offers a wealth of opportunity in property ownership in St. Kitts through sales and rentals. There is a constant buzz of development activity and interest.
  2. Port  Zante  marina  is  an  integral  element  of  the  Port  Zante  shopping  Centre.  The  Marina  is located  at  the  western  end  of  the  property  and  offers  a  variety  of  berthing options  to  suit yachts  of  different  sizes.  These  include  regular  slips  which  can  comfortably  accommodate vessels  up  to  70  feet  in  length,  and  a  300  foot  pier  that  can  berth  vessels  up  to  225  feet in  length.  Larger  vessels  can  be  berthed  at  the  adjacent  Cruise  Pier  with  a  pre-arranged reservation.

Port Zante
St. Kitts Urban Development Corporation
St. Kitts

Tel: (869)-466-5021
Fax: (869)-466-5020

Email: udccorp@caribsurf.com
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Website: www.portzante.com

Port Zante Marina
Building #9
Port Zante
Basseterre, St. Kitts

VHF Channel 68

Tel: (869)-466-5021
Fax: (869)-466-5020

Email: marina@portzante.com