St. Kitts is considered by many to be the financial capital of the Eastern Caribbean; home of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, The Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange, the Eastern Caribbean Regulatory Commission, The Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Registry, the Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Depository, the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Bankers and the Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank.

Our Finance Business is comprised of deposit taking, investment, insurance, trust and corporate business which are regulated by licencing criterion and clear legislation which meet international standards.

Our Strategic Advantages in Financial Services

  • St. Kitts caters to small closely held companies
  • Easy Application Process
  • Reasonable rates
  • Regulatory body that meets international standards
  • Experience and knowledgeable staff
  • The relatively small size of our industry makes available more choices for company names compare to other jurisdiction that are more well known

Our Products

  • Ordinary and Exempt Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Captive Insurance Companies


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