St. Kitts’ Citizenship by Investment Programme

St. Kitts’ Citizenship by Investment Programme, which has been in operation since 1984 is one of the oldest and most respected economic citizenship programme in existence.  Since the introduction of the new Regulations in 2011 the programme has spurred a boom in the construction of mix-use developments, i.e. villas and condominiums across the island. Under the programme, one may qualify for citizenship through any of three available options: (1) a non-refundable contribution of US$250,000.00 into the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, (2) a minimum investment of US$400,000.00 in a government approved real estate project, (3) any resource donated or expended which, brings substantial benefits to the country.




The Government utilizes this programme to attract investors of good character to make a substantial contribution to the development of the Federation. Investors are then given the opportunity to apply for citizenship within the strict guidelines of the law and the relevant regulations.

Developers can make an application for their project to be designated as an “Approved Project” under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. An investor may qualify for citizenship under the real-estate option of the programme, by purchasing property in a designated “Approved Project” with a value of at least US$ 400,000.

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