Text with Icon

[icon icon=”0071.png”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/icon]



Text with Icon and Tooltip

[icon icon=”0258.png” tooltip=”Tooltip for text with icon”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/icon]



Link with icon

[icon url=”#” icon=”0282.png”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/icon]




There are 380+ icons + country flags set builded-in. Also you can use any custom icon just inserting it’s URL, like [icon icon=”http://www.site.com/my-custom-icon.png”]Text[/icon]

[icon icon=”0001.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0002.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0003.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0004.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0005.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0006.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0007.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0008.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0009.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0010.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0011.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0012.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0013.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0014.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0015.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0016.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0017.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0018.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0019.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0020.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0021.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0022.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0023.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0024.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0025.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0026.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0027.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0028.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0029.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0030.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0031.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0032.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0033.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0034.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0035.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0036.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0037.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0038.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0039.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0040.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0041.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0042.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0043.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0044.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0045.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0046.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0047.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0048.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0049.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0050.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0051.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0052.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0053.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0054.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0055.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0056.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0057.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0058.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0059.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0060.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0061.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0062.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0063.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0064.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0065.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0066.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0067.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0068.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0069.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0070.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0071.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0072.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0073.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0074.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0075.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0076.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0077.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0078.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0079.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0080.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0081.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0082.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0083.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0084.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0085.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0086.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0087.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0088.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0089.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0090.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0091.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0092.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0093.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0094.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0095.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0096.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0097.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0098.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0099.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0100.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0101.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0102.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0103.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0104.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0105.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0106.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0107.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0108.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0109.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0110.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0111.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0112.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0113.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0114.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0115.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0116.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0117.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0118.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0119.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0120.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0121.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0122.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0123.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0124.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0125.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0126.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0127.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0128.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0129.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0130.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0131.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0132.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0133.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0134.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0135.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0136.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0137.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0138.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0139.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0140.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0141.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0142.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0143.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0144.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0145.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0146.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0147.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0148.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0149.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0150.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0151.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0152.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0153.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0154.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0155.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0156.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0157.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0158.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0159.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0160.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0161.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0162.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0163.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0164.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0165.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0166.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0167.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0168.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0169.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0170.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0171.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0172.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0173.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0174.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0175.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0176.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0177.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0178.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0179.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0180.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0181.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0182.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0183.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0184.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0185.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0186.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0187.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0188.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0189.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0190.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0191.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0192.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0193.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0194.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0195.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0196.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0197.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0198.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0199.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0200.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0201.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0202.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0203.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0204.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0205.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0206.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0207.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0208.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0209.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0210.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0211.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0212.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0213.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0214.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0215.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0216.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0217.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0218.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0219.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0220.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0221.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0222.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0223.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0224.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0225.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0226.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0227.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0228.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0229.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0230.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0231.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0232.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0233.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0234.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0235.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0236.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0237.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0238.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0239.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0240.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0241.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0242.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0243.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0244.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0245.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0246.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0247.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0248.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0249.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0250.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0251.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0252.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0253.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0254.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0255.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0256.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0257.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0258.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0259.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0260.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0261.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0262.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0263.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0264.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0265.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0266.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0267.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0268.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0269.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0270.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0271.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0272.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0273.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0274.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0275.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0276.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0277.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0278.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0279.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0280.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0281.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0282.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0283.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0284.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0285.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0286.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0287.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0288.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0289.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0290.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0291.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0292.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0293.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0294.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0295.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0296.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0297.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0298.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0299.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0300.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0301.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0302.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0303.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0304.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0305.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0306.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0307.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0308.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0309.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0310.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0311.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0312.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0313.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0314.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0315.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0316.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0317.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0318.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0319.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0320.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0321.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0322.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0323.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0324.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0325.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0326.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0327.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0328.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0329.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0330.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0331.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0332.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0333.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0334.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0335.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0336.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0337.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0338.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0339.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0340.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0341.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0342.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0343.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0344.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0345.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0346.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0347.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0348.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0349.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0350.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0351.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0352.png”] [/icon] [icon 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icon=”0803.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0804.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0805.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0806.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0807.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0808.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0809.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0810.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0811.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0812.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0813.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0814.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0815.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0816.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0817.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0818.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0819.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0820.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0821.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0822.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0823.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0824.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0825.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0826.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0827.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0828.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0829.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0830.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0831.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0832.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0833.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0834.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0835.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0836.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0837.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0838.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0839.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0840.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0841.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0842.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0843.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0844.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0845.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0846.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0847.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0848.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0849.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0850.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0851.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0852.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0853.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0854.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0855.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0856.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0857.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0858.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0859.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0860.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0861.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0862.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0863.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0864.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0865.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0866.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0867.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0868.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0869.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0870.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0871.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0872.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0873.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0874.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0875.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0876.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0877.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0878.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0879.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0880.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0881.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0882.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0883.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0884.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0885.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0886.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0887.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0888.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0889.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0890.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0891.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0892.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0893.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0894.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0895.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0896.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0897.png”] [/icon] [icon icon=”0898.png”] [/icon] [icon 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